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Group motorcycle insurance through Westland MyGroup

Motorcycle insurance policies are designed to protect you against financial harm should you have an accident with or suffer damage to your bike. Westland MyGroup keeps more money in your pockets by providing exclusive rates on group motorcycle insurance to employees or members of participating organizations.

We understand the fun, enjoyment and sense of freedom you feel when riding your Motorcycle. We also understand your motorcycle is a considerable investment.

Either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a comprehensive group insurance package, you can rest assured that we offer the right motorcycle insurance coverage to help you protect your investment.

We offer exclusive rates on our group motorcycle insurance coverage, personalized based on how you use your bike, its make and model, your insurance history, and your driving and claims record.

Group motorcycle insurance coverage options

  • Third party liability

  • Accident benefits – including optional

  • Increased limits

  • Collision damage

  • Theft

  • Fire

  • Vandalism

  • Protection against un-insured and under-insured motorists

Member of an existing group?
Visit your organizations group page to get your personalized quote for either personal or commercial insurance.
Interested in a Westland MyGroup program for your organization?
Visit our group insurance program request page to learn more about what kind of package we can put together for your organization.

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