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Group home and auto insurance

Benefits of Westland MyGroup group insurance​

Westland MyGroup provides discounted group home and auto insurance programs that deliver hassle-free, quality protection and substantial savings for your organization’s employees or members

Zero costs for you​

With no start up fees or ongoing or promotional costs, it’s a no risk benefit for your organization.

Hassle-free implementation ​

Our group insurance program is a turn-key, voluntary benefit program, with no additional work for you.

Added perks for your employees or members

A group insurance plan offers a competitive edge that can increase engagement and attract quality candidates.

Exclusive rates​​​

Your employees or members get exclusive rates on their home and auto insurance.

Progress reports ​

Ensuring transparency to help you gauge the success of the program for your organization.

Custom solutions for individual needs​

Customizable coverage so members get the best coverage for their needs and their budgets.

Access to multiple insurers ​

We work with multiple insurers to secure the right coverage at the best price.

Exceptional value and service ​

Our expert advisors work hard to ensure you have the coverage and support you need.

A group insurance plan that works for you

A comprehensive benefits package is a vital retention tool for any organization – whether an association, business or alumni group. Home and auto group insurance benefits are an effective add-on to any benefits package, providing value to almost every member.

With over 40 years’ of experience managing group insurance programs for some of the largest employers across Canada, you can rely on Westland MyGroup to provide a solution that benefits both you and your employees or members, with minimal effort on your part.

Westland MyGroup partners with you to build long lasting relationships for now and the future. Let us create a group home and auto insurance program that works for your organization.

MyGroup members can access exclusive rates across home, auto and more

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