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Oil & Gas

Need Insurance to get on the Jobsite? We can help.

We provide the core coverages you need in a handy package. Whether you are an oilfield consultant, coring/drilling consultant, wellhead technician, oil well battery operator, gas compressor station operator, work in general oil site maintenance, oilfield trucking or any position in Alberta’s largest industry, we have the insurance product for you.

Insurance solutions for businesses in the Oil & Gas Industry, generally include the following:

  • Property Protection – Includes coverage of miscellaneous contractor’s equipment, hand tools, laptop computers and location devices. Replacement Cost is included on items that are 5 years or newer.
  • General Liability Insurance – Commercial General Liability coverage in the event you are found
    legally responsible for injuries or damages suffered by another party.
    Professional Liability is also available.
  • Extra Protection – Extras at no extra charge! Including riggers Liability, limited pollution coverage, and prairie & forest fire fighting expenses.
  • Other Options – We can also provide coverage for cargo insurance, auto insurance and many other areas.

Given the complex and specialized nature of businesses within the oil & gas industry, it is important that you speak with your insurance broker to make sure that you have the proper insurance coverages in place. Doing so will help protect your bottom lines and provide peace of mind. Contact one of our commercial insurance experts today to discuss options further.

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