Home Appliance Breakdown Insurance

We are one of the few National insurance brokers offering a product that protects your Appliances and Home Systems. Regardless of their age, each of your appliances can be insured, including your refrigerator, gas or electric stove, dishwasher, built-in microwave, washing machine, dryer, and all other major home systems, as long as they are currently in working order.
While repairing your item is the first priority, if it can’t be repaired, your item will be replaced with a similar one (if available), or you will receive a cash settlement.

Why should you purchase Appliance Breakdown Insurance?

Unless your current Appliances are still under warranty, this product makes good sense for every home or condo owner. There are few guarantees in life, but chances are that one of your Appliances will break down before its intended lifespan is up. Our online tool provides you with the ability to pick and choose which Appliances you want to insure and skip those you don’t feel are necessary to protect. Our ‘a la carte’ approach puts you in control of how much you want to spend.

What’s included in Appliance Breakdown Coverage?

Once you have selected a minimum of 4 items to insure, you will have coverage in place for up $10,000 per item. These items can be Appliances, Home Systems or a mix of both. You can then also select your deductible, which is the amount you would be responsible for should you need to file a claim. Your items do not require a pre-inspection and coverage is offered regardless of the age of the appliances or home systems. While repairing your item is the first priority, if it can’t be repaired, your item will be replaced with a similar one (if available), or you will receive a cash settlement. We have partnered with Aviva Canada, one of the world’s largest insurance providers, to offer this product. Their superior claims department will go to work for you in the event of a claim.

What is not covered?

While your home/condo insurance protects you from many risks and dangers, it does not cover any of your Appliances or Home Systems should they break down. For example, if your refrigerator ceases to function properly, causing water damage to your floors, the resulting damage is covered, but the refrigerator itself is not. That’s where our Appliance Breakdown insurance would respond and provide you with the coverage you need to get the refrigerator fixed, replaced or offer you a payout towards a replacement model.

How much does Appliance Breakdown Coverage cost?

Depending on the items you decide to insure, Appliance Breakdown coverage is actually quite inexpensive. Starting around $80 per year, you can protect a minimum of four Appliances and/or Home Systems. If you wish to insure more items or add items at a later time, you can always do so by contacting one of our insurance experts.

Coverage Details

Choose at least 4 items to insure from your appliances and home systems. Coverage is provided up to $10,000 per item. Regardless of their age or condition, your appliances are eligible as long as they are operational when you purchase the policy. Two repairs by a qualified technician are available per item within each 12-month period. Best of all, any claim you make won’t affect your home or condo insurance policy.

Items covered by Appliance Breakdown include the following:

• Refrigerator• Washing Machine• Gas or Electric Range/Oven/Cooktop
• Dishwasher• Clothes Dryer• Built-in Microwave Oven
• Garbage Disposal• Trash Compactor• Central Heating Systems for Homes
• Interior Plumbing• Owned Water Heater• Condominium Fan Coil Unit
• Interior Electrical• Sump Pump• Central Air Conditioning