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Who needs Technology Insurance?

A few types of businesses that may need this insurance coverage:

  • IT consultants and service providers
  • Computer hardware manufacturers
  • Electronic equipment companies
  • Software companies
  • Robotics companies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Web developers or designer
  • Internet service providers

Insurance solutions for businesses in the Technology Industry, generally include the following:

  • Business Personal Property – Business personal property insurance provides coverage for the
    building, equipment, fixtures, furniture, merchandise, etc., identified in an insurance policy as owned by the insured and used in the business.
  • General Liability Insurance – General liability insurance provides coverage if your business is found to be legally liable for damages caused by bodily injury or other physical injury, personal injury (including libel and slander), advertising injury property damage as a result of your products, premises or operations.
  • Cyber liability – A cyber liability policy protects against damage from cyber-attacks, data breaches and other basic risks that result from using electronic communications and data storage.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – Business interruption insurance provides protection for your cash flow and your future earnings in the event of a fire or other disaster.
  • Commercial Crime Coverage – Commercial crime policies are designed to insure against certain types of losses that are not covered by a standard commercial property policy, such as employee dishonesty, theft and forgery.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance – In the tech industry, businesses also face the risk of equipment breaking down or becoming damaged. Equipment breakdown insurance covers loss resulting from the accidental breakdown of almost any type of equipment.
  • Umbrella Insurance – Umbrella insurance serves as an additional layer of liability insurance. It protects your assets from major claims and lawsuits.
  • Non-ownership Automobile – Non-owned vehicle insurance provides coverage when you or your employees use vehicles for your business that are not covered under your commercial auto insurance policy.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for physical damage and
    liability coverages for vehicles used for business purposes.

Given the complex and specialized nature of businesses within the technology industry, it is important that you speak with your insurance broker to make sure that you have the proper insurance coverages in place. Doing so will help protect your bottom lines and provide peace of mind. Contact one of our commercial insurance experts today to discuss options further.

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