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Westland MyGroup

Canadian Armed Forces & DND Community

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces or an employee of the DND Community you have access to exclusive rates and personalized service on your home and auto insurance. This includes:

  • DND Civilian Employees
  • NPF Employees
  • Regular Force members of the Army, Navy, and Airforce
  • Reserve Force members
  • Retired CF members and DND employees

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*Please note: group discounts are not reflected in quotes generated online. A licensed Westland MyGroup advisor will contact you shortly to provide your discounted rate.
Why did we partner with ReadyWhen?
We are very excited to inform you that we are launching a new partnership with ReadyWhen; a simple, secure, and fast digital Estate management solution.
It was simple, we want to offer protection that goes beyond insurance. If something happened to you, your parents, or someone you loved would you know what to do? Have you stored or shared the important information that will make life easier for your family if the inevitable does happen? You can’t predict tomorrow. But you can be ready.
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